Villa Parisi

Monte Porzio Catone

Bordered by Villa Mondragone and Villa Vecchia, this mansion was the residence of Pauline Bonaparte for many years. Built in the early 17th century by Monsignor Taverna on land belonging to the Altemps, which contained the remains of a Roman cistern, the villa was purchased in 1614 by Cardinal Scipione Borghese. The latter commissioned Girolamo Rainaldi for the renovation, adding side wings, a nymphaeum, a secret garden and the Portal of Arms. The Borghese family, starting in 1729, further enriched it with interior decorations and arches on the facade. In 1896 it passed to the Parisi family, the current owners. Inside, works by the Valeriani brothers, the Bavarian and Taddeo Kuntz are testimonies of extraordinary art.

Openings and reservations:

The Villa is managed by the Parisi Administration; tours are by appointment only, with a maximum of 20 participants and the accompaniment of a guide. For information contact the Regional Institute for Tuscolan Villas (IRTV).