The most scenic of the Tuscolan Villas, it is located in Frascati and stands on the archaeological remains of Tusculanum, home of Cicero. It was built by Ascanio Rufini in 1578 on land belonging to the Abbey of San Nilo. Renamed “the Rufinella” by Monsignor Alessandro Rufini, it had various illustrious owners and inhabitants over the centuries, including the Aldobrandini, Luciano Bonaparte, Christina of Bourbon, and King Victor Emmanuel II. Much of its current appearance is due to the eighteenth-century renovation by the Jesuit Fathers, entrusted to master Luigi Vanvitelli.

The historic villa houses a four-star hotel with a bar and beautiful garden. It has elegantly furnished rooms; some feature a terrace, others enjoy garden views. Ceded to the Lancelotti family in 1872, today it is famous for the presence of numerous archaeological remains and the “belvedere” loggia, from which it is possible to admire the aforementioned panorama.